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“In the Carpathian Basin, we are not of mixed race, but simply a mixture of the peoples living in our own European home. And when the stars are lucky and the wind is good, these peoples also merge in such a Hungarian-Pannon sauce, creating a new European culture of their own.”

–Viktor Orbán

I don’t understand the difference between race and people, in what he’s saying. It is likely that he wanted to express the word “population” with the word “race”. But I approx. agree with him, because someone who is raised inside, has a different skin color and physique. Hungarians who spend generations in the given area, change their appearance in the same way, due to the local climate conditions.

He should have used “species” instead of “race”, but, what happened was that he Hungarianified “rassz” expression with “race”. Race = “faj”. Species = “rassz”!

And, that’s why there was this international dislike. He doesn’t wants any harm — in my opinion.

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